The ranger is primarily based on the character Aragorn and the Rangers of North of J.R.R.Tolkien's Middle's Earth mythos, as warriors who use tracking and other wilderness skills to hunt down their enemies but we can have other inspirations from myth and legend, such as Robin hood and the Greek hero Orion. Rangers have the Striker role, specializing in single-target damage, as well as mobility. Their special abilities make them better suited to hit and run tactics and focusing on a single opponent.
Many of their combat abilities encourage the ranger to use cunning and mobility as opposed to brute force. Other abilities allow the ranger to aid his companions with skill checks and avoiding ambushes.

The Druid is a versatile class, capable in combat and of casting Divine spells They gain divine magic from being at one with nature, or from one of several patron gods of the wild. Unlike the cleric druids do not have special powers against undead and cannot use metal armor. Druids have a unique ability that allows them to change into various animal forms, and various other qualities that assist them in natural settings. Druids work very well with animals, and can try to improve a wild creature's attitude with diplomacy. Druids gain a greater control of their body and at higher levels they can change appearance at will, and do not age.

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Description: In the showed outfit you can see clearly the impressive ceremonial hood and gown. The used colours are the same of the tree bark. The strong material are perfect for the wild life of the forest guardian.
The material used in the making of the depicted outfit are: fur, wool, leather, linen, bones and horns in resin.
Druid ceremonial horned hood
Druid necklace
Druid gown with fur pauldrons
Druid tunic with cloth belt and leather skirt
Shirt 2
Large trousers
Barbarian boots
Price -

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Description: The outfit color choice suggests clearly the race (elf) and the class (Ranger). This "camouflage" dress has tipical decorative motifs adopted by the forest creatures and naturally by the elven race. The material used in the making of the outfit depicted are: fustian, tapestry canvas, wool, leather, linen.
Elven hood
Elven cap
Elven jacket
Shirt 1
Tight trousers
Elven bracers
Belt, elven purses (2)
Extra pointed knee boots
Price - € 642.00 - € 620.00

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