About us
The experience gained in decades of meticulous re-enacting merges with the passion for the illustration of fantasy painters like Howe, Lee and Frazzetta creating fantasy items credible and functional made with the utmost care for materials and for details.
All the clothes and accessories are of high theatrical and movie quality and every dress is one piece that follows the requirements of the customer through the careful selection of fabrics, shapes and colors.
If you want to play the base characters classes of D&D, Warhammer or Lord of the Rings you can find on the site our proposals of ready to use complete outfits, but if you are a "creative" the our large collection of articles will allow to mix various clothing creating your own personal style!

Clothing care
All cloth items allows "Dry Clean" cleaned by a professional, or hand wash in warm/cold water in regular detergent. Ironing is not recommended.

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