A rogue is a versatile character, stealthy and dextrous, capable of sneaky combat and nimble tricks. One effective way of using a rogue's combat abilities is to position him or her in the back of the party, in the shadows at the fringes, or a like position with a bow. Using the hide skill to evade notice, the rogue can then sneak attack enemies within thirty feet and, in theory, not get damaged in the process. Outside of combat, however, the rogue's role is determined largely by their skill selection. For example, although most rogues disable locks and traps, one rogue might be a thug who relies on intimidation, while another might rely on diplomacy.

The bard, despite the roots of the word itself, is inspired more by wandering minstrels who were indeed considered "rogues" of a sort (for instance, attempting to earn free food and rooms at inns through doing odd jobs like killing rats, singing, or just wooing the bartender). "Fantasy" bards are described as not necessarily opposed to tradition, but to the staleness and risk of corruption that comes with a settled life.

They have magic powers too. The Bard casts arcane magic but without a need for spellbooks or preparing specific spells; but they are limited to a list of specific bardic or healing spells.  Other abilities, like bardic music and the afore mentioned bardic lore.

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Description: The our bard wears an outfit made for the his wandering life, a large scrip and a cape to protect himself from the rain are a clear evidence of his lifestyle. A little eccentricity in the patterned textile choice gives more strenght to his artist soul. Materials: fustian, wool, leather, linen, brocade, satin.
Shirt 4
Short doublet
Bard Jacket
Short trousers
Belt and cloth scrip
Barbarian bracer
Knee boots (short point version)
Price - € 708.00 - € 685.00

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Description: The rogue here depicted is a character who shows a little richness derived from his abilities. The rich doublet is partially hidden underneath his hood and his leather jacket tipical of this class. Materials in the outfit shown: leather, brocade, linen, wool, fustian.
Rogue hood
Shirt 2
Leather sleeveless jacket
Short trousers
Leather bracers
Belt with 2 small purses
Cloth waistband
Thigh boots
Price - € 688.00 - € 665.00

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