Compared to mage, Wizard's instinctive grasp of magic has more flexibility within the moment but less versatility overall. That is, they do not need to prepare specific spells in advance, but each sorcerer also acquires a much smaller number of spells, since they do not use spell books and cannot simply copy new spells from others' writing. Since sorcerers can only have a limited number of spells at their arsenal, most tend to specialize in the offensive magic. Mages and wizards often disagree; mages tend to think of wizards as sloppy and undisciplined, while sorcerers can consider mages obsessive and distant.

Mages cast their spells by using their acquired magical knowledge and experience.
In particular, they learn most new spells by seeking out magical writings and copying them into their spellbooks, a method that allows them (unlike sorcerers/wizards) to master any number of permissible spells once they find them, assembling a broad and versatile arsenal of power. Many wizards see themselves not only as spell casters but as philosophers, inventors and scientist studying a system of natural laws that are for the most part unknown and undiscovered.

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Description: The outfit shown (high necked and with the large sleeves) is tipical of the many "mage garments" seen in all the fantasy worlds. It is made using brocade, linen canvas, velvet and leather.
Mage headband
Mage coif
Mage large sleeved buttoned gown
Brass necklace
Shirt 3
Sleeveless mage overtunic
Large trousers
Cloth belt
Pointed shoes
Price - € 662.00 - € 645.00

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Description: The clothing worn by the model in the pictures are a clear tribute to the famous fantasy wizards: (Gandalf, Elminster and Merlin). The materials are: rough wool, linen canvas and leather
Wizard hat
Wizard tunic
Leather scrip
Shirt 2
Hooded wizard robe
Large trousers
Hemp belt with leather sack
Price - € 488.00 - € 468.00

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